IDS Image Gallery

IDS is in use with many organisations, performing a variety of broadcast critical functions. Total ease of control of simple to complex at a touch.

Full screen multi-time IDS display, dynamically switched every 8 seconds.
Full screen multi-time display
Large IDS controlled branding/signage screen and an IDS clock and tally display.
Branding, clocks and tally
Clocks, tally and corporate branding the old way!
How it looked before IDS!
IDS displaying a full page web browser with additional customised information.
Information via web browser
IDS control of DMX lighting for studio status.
Control DMX lighting
Multiple information streams via IDS displays in an open newsroom environment.
IDS in the newsroom
TV studio clock and status display.
IDS in the TV studio
IDS Touchscreen used as a Presenter Unit.
IDS Touchscreen Presenter Unit
IDS Touchscreen showing 'active thumbnail' soft switches.
'active thumbnail' switches
Large radio news studio with IDS desktop and wall-mounted displays.
Desktop and wall-mounted
Custom browser-based information displaying VCS and Arrivals feeds.
VCS and Arrivals feeds
TV studio sound control room with IDS display on top of the monitor stack.
IDS in sound control room
Close-up of IDS screen in TV SCR displaying integrated up/down production timers.
Integrated up/down timers
Small IDS display giving information outside studio door.
Current studio information
Multiple IDS displays in studio access corridor.
IDS along the corridor
IDS display with multiple video feeds and dynamic 'On Air' bezels.
Multiple video feeds