Key people

Colin Judge

Colin has spent his entire working life since leaving university in Media Technology, starting with Neve sound mixing consoles, then working around the world on every aspect of Broadcast Systems Integration with IPE, of which he has been a Director for the last 15 years. His expert knowledge of the Broadcast environment and the people who specify, build and operate it led to the birth and development of IDS, which is now expanding into other market areas.

Tel +44 (0)7977 271372 email Colin

Tom Pollard
Product Manager

Tom has a degree in Music Technolgy from Bath Spa, which does not begin to describe his range of interests and abilities. Having worked in various technical roles for IPE, he became involved with the early stages of IDS development, and used his talent for graphic design to create the very distinctive 'look and feel' of both the displays and the hardware. As well as hardware development, he is also responsible for the IDS Configuration application, and is the client's primary point of contact for configuration and commissioning, and an expert in issues relating to network setup and performance.

Tel +44 (0)1763 269066 email Tom

Reuben Such
Support and Development Manager

Reuben has worked in the IT environment for 20 years since leaving university. He has been involved in every aspect of systems design, and spent the last 8 years leading service and support teams. He has vast experience in creating SLA agreements for organisations of all sizes, tailored to suit their unique requirements. With his technical background and focus on customer service, Reuben is key in ensuring things run smoothly for IPE clients. His experience in parallel markets will also help with exploring new markets for IDS.

Tel +44 (0)7710 393672 email Reuben