Behind the Scenes. Out in Front.

How Often Does Anyone Get a ‘Eureka’ Moment?

In our case it’s been too many times to remember. Almost an occupational hazard over thirty years. Whenever we set up a purpose build sound broadcast system or an audio visual stage, we hit snags.

Necessity being the mother of invention we just had to invent bits to fit. Ideas to solve problems. As systems got more and more complex we just invented more and more bits. Eventually all this tinkering lead to joined up thinking. Which in turn lead to conceptual integrated engineering. Now here we are.

We Don't Shelve the Really Tough Stuff

Bits, Numbers and Acronyms

The behind the scenes equipment on ITV news programmes or SKY outside broadcasts or BBC live shows you see every day is probably made and supplied by us. Never really having time to stand back and take a breath, we just gave our ‘bits’ numbers and acronyms. Our portfolio is full of very exciting invention stuck with some very geeky names. And it’s going to have to change.

‘Behind the scenes’ yes. ‘Hiding our light under a bushel.’ No.

From here on in everything we do is as follows.


Developing Technological Solutions that are Changing the Broadcasting and Corporate World

We’ve been doing what we do best for the best part of 30 years. Building on our never ending base of technologies, creating, developing and designing advanced products and systems. And that is our buzz, coming up with the kind of technological solutions that transform the way broadcasting and corporate environments work. We see ourselves as the ’streamliners’ of the complicated.

Media City

Groundbreaking Technologies

With our depth of broadcasting experience, we are able to identify where change needs to be made and apply our ingenuity and unique skill sets to bring groundbreaking technologies to the forefront, which is easier said than done. You need a team that not only understands the problems, but one that doesn't come out in a sweat when designing, developing and striving for the technological answer that brings a breakthrough solution. We don't shelve the really tough stuff and scratch our Heads. Instead, we get on with the job. And if we have to dig really deep to find a solution, we have the depth to do it.

Being based right next to Cambridge gives us a wealth of talent on our doorstep, so for future growth, we have the luxury of being amongst some of the brightest brains on the planet.