IDS Image Gallery

IDS is in use with many organisations, performing a variety of broadcast critical functions. Total ease of control of simple to complex at a touch.

This is what set us on the path to developing IDS...
Where the IDS journey started!
Before IDS, tally information the old way!
Remember this?
Our first design - We pioneered this 10 years ago.
Early IDS v1
IDS can bring our camera feeds into a gallery or studio screen
IDS displaying studio clocks and camera feed
IDS screen showing all vital information for a modern radio studio
IDS Radio studio information
IDS can ingest schedule information and display to your choice of screens
IDS displays schedules to defined screens
IDS displaying multiple video and camera feeds in a studio
IDS displaying multiple video feeds
IDS display in Newsroom with clock, status and multiple video feeds, each with tally status bezels.
IDS tally status and multiple feeds
IDS can harvest information and display to defined locations
IDS displays crucial information to communal displays
Small IDS display giving information outside studio door.
IDS displaying studio door information
IDS allows you to have multiple clocks one display
IDS Studio clocks - Digital, Analogue and time saving
IDS integrates with its own mains distribution units and displays the information to any IDS screen
IDS displays critical power management information
Close-up of IDS screen in TV SCR displaying integrated up/down production timers.
Integrated up/down timers
IDS is flexible enough to control your DMX infrastructure
IDS controls DMX
Full screen multi-time IDS display, dynamically switched every 8 seconds.
Full screen multi-time display
Large IDS controlled branding/signage screen and an IDS clock and tally display.
Branding, clocks and tally