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Argosy to showcase EMU3 at ISE2019

Argosy will bring a range of intelligent power management and mission critical cabling equipment to ISE 2019.

"The balance sheet and the environment are top of mind for systems administrators these days, so streamlining maintenance and support teams, and minimising energy consumption, are absolutely critical," said Chris Smeeton, Director, Argosy. “Intelligent power management is about ensuring that you can monitor and manage your systems at all times."

Smeeton added that, with many installations spread over different locations, for example, large office buildings with multiple conference rooms, lighting systems and air-conditioning units; being able to monitor equipment power cycles and manage access restrictions is crucial from an commercial and quality stand point. “The need for a simple, centralised facility-wide control solution that can manage every aspect of performance, from controlling individual outputs to monitoring alerts has never been greater,” he said.

A highlight on the Argosy stand, the EMU line of IP-based mains distribution units (MDUs) by IPE, is now available in a single configuration, which will auto configure as either a Master or a Slave, in standard Intelligent mode or the Automatic Change Over (ACO) model.

All AMU-3 and AMU-3-ACO units now come with an embedded web server that enables continuous remote control and monitoring. They can be daisy-chained to other EMU3 units to provide up to 48 outputs via a single IP connection. In the event of a Master unit failure, the Ethernet, can be removed and the secondary unit inserted and automatically promoted to a Master.

The new EMU3’s embedded intelligence allows a scalable power management solution with a low resource outlay. An intuitive web interface provides quick and easy access to control and configuration facilities, while the health status of racks and every connected output can be easily monitored and advanced email alerting provides extensive reporting back to system administrators and engineering teams.

Also at ISE, a range of Belden structured cabling technology will be on display including CAT5e and CAT6 cabling in LSOH and PVC options. These robust cables allow critical and non-critical equipment to be connected to any facility’s network and carry high band width signals, such as HD video streaming, quickly and reliably.

Belden offers several Category 5E performance levels. The top-of-line 1200 series system cable provides headroom beyond the TIA 568-C.2 Category 5E standard and is offered with the Bonded-Pair technology option.

Several Category 6 performance levels are also available, including the premium 4800 series with exceptional signal power, and signal-to-noise performance, the 3600 series with mid-range performance at a great price, and the 2400 Standards Compliant Plus system cable. Every level exceeds TIA 568-C.2's performance.

Also on show is Barnfind’s BarnMini range of plug-and-play fibre converters that allow broadcast and AV system designers to connect more or less anything to anything, providing flexibility and therefore a cost saving to installers who wish to fit communication devices within a facility, utilising the existing legacy infrastructure that is already in place.

A range of connectors from UK manufacturer Cliff Connectors will be exhibited as well, which includes a variety of panel mount connectors for audio, video, data and power transport.

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