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BBC World Service operating from new studios at Broadcasting House

After more than 70 years, BBC World Service has relocated from Bush House, their original home in The Strand to the new Broadcasting House campus situated in the West End of London.

Their new facilities provide them with 18 purpose built studios on two dedicated floors, enabling them to deliver 27 language services around the world to over 180 million listeners.

World Service started their migration in the last quarter of 2011, with the first live World Service transmission going out in February 2012.

We were contracted to design and supply all the radio studio facilities within the complex. Each studio is equipped with a Studer On-Air 3000 digital mixer, Phonebox, VCS, Delec communications, BNCS and IDS.

The IDS network covers all studios, equipping them with high resolution wall mounted IDS displays, desktop IDS Touchscreens for control and display functionality, IDS table lamps for status alerts, IDS SQ-NLM noise level meters and IDS SQ-IRQ's which provide remote IR control interfaces to the studio TVs via the touchscreens. Additional IDS DMX interfaces allow the transmission status of each studio to be highly visible around the surrounding office areas by switching the LED wall lighting to various colours.

The 18 studios are built into clusters of two and three studios with each cluster having a complex IDS control system allowing the studios to work independently or interact in various ways together.

The construction of the studios is quite unusual as they have glass walls. The studios were acoustically designed by Munro Associates.

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