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Reuben Such talks about IDS

IPE started as an audio system integrator, but swiftly moved to become much more. It’s still an audio specialist, but is now strongly engaged in the video aspects, making it a truly all-round A/V technology and system provider for a wide range of businesses and applications.

The driving force behind IPE’s move into display came as a result of being fed up with designing individual clocks and tally for studios and control rooms. IPE knew there had to be a better way and set about designing and manufacturing IDS, now the world’s most used intelligent display system because no one but IPE has produced such an elegant, expandable and almost infinitely configurable display and control solution specifically for the broadcast industry.

In short, the answer to problems many broadcasters don’t know they have is IDS, and it’s a solution that continues to evolve as a direct result of input by users, and internal development that tracks with industry requirements as they emerge.

Whether you just want to walk into a studio space and press a single button to set up lights, cameras and branding elements for a short piece to camera, or share multiple levels of mission-critical information throughout a facility - whether for a broadcaster, AV company, or new media streaming facility - IDS can do it all, and much, much more.

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