A Simple Touch of Genius from IPE.

Get in Front with IDS Behind the Scenes

Sorry, but the most exciting visual display solutions device in aeons is called IDS. Invented by us. IPE. Being normal humans, maybe you don’t relate to a bunch of ‘techy’ acronyms. So we are going to try harder in future.

Here goes then. Less geeky. More sexy.

The power IDS gives you to be at the centre of your production all at once is ‘awesome man’. The synchronisation of modular elements managed by one central touch screen control is ‘freaky’ if not ‘mind blowing.’

And the facility to simultaneously deploy to any number of IDS devices over an IP backbone link from anywhere to anywhere else is ‘far out dude’.

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IDS Intelligent Display Systems

In corporate environments IDS brings a dynamic change, streamlining existing processes, eliminating compatibility issues, delivering touch screen control on a global basis. From a corporate perspective, IDS is a totally scalable system architecture that moulds technology together with seamless integration. The ingenuity and sheer depth of flexibility is breathtaking.

IDS product series gives you more than just the power to display multiple 4K and Full HD video streams simultaniously with enhanced graphic performance. Full HD 1080P video locked into time-critical content, silent passive cooling for driving HDMI/DVI displays in noise-sensitive environments, easy expansion of I/O over your IDS network, all controlled via the IDS Touchscreen distributing content over your IDS network.

EMU3 Intelligent PDUs

Our EMU3 products control up to 192 power outputs from one remote network port by simply connecting 16 EMU3s together.

A centralised control solution for power management, control and monitoring, that address the most important issues facing systems administrators. With multiple installations spread across different locations, centralised control is key.

Built on the success of their predecessors, our third generation EMU3 Intelligent PDUs are an ergonomic web interface portal delivering seamless integration with our IDS ecosystem allowing both remote control and monitoring.