Discontinued Products

The following products are no longer in production and are included for reference only.

IDS Remora R4 (discontinued)

The IDS Remora R4 is an incredibly powerful display processor, capable of displaying a single HD 1080p video stream. As an integrated component of IDS, it can be locked to standard time references, delivering time critical content to display devices over your IDS network.

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IDS TS4 Touchscreen (discontinued)

The IDS Touchscreen provides a handy and ergonomic user interface to control remote equipment over your IDS network while its powerful display processor delivers all the information and alerts you need to keep your broadcasts running smoothly.

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IPE EMU3 (discontinued)

Building on the success of our EMU2 range, we went to market and listened to the feedback from our diverse range of global clients. Resisting the temptation to reinvent the wheel, we took the already stable foundation of the EMU2 and added industry leading features to the new EMU3 range of power monitoring units.

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IPE EMU3aco (discontinued)

Our new intelligent EMU3 are now available with Automatic Change Over (ACO). All units now come with an embedded web server that enables continuous remote control and monitoring. They can be daisy-chained to other EMU3 units to provide up to 48 outputs via a single IP connection.

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