IDS Accessories

Add more functions to IDS

IDS Accessories have been designed with specific applications in mind and are a great way to expand your system. They're compact devices, housed in a rugged aluminium enclosure, making them ideal for applications where there is little space. They connect to your network via Ethernet and, with their combination of PoE and tiny size, can be installed quickly and discreetly.

Click any of the images below for more detailed information about each accessory.

IDS SQ-DMX DMX lighting equipment interface IDS SQ-DMX

Control and integrate DMX lighting equipment with your IDS network.

IDS SQ-DTC Dual time code server IDS SQ-DTC

Real-time time code information delivered to any display on your IDS network.

IDS SQ-IRQ infrared controller IDS SQ-IRQ

Control up to four remote infrared devices situated anywhere on your IDS network.

IDS SQ-GPIO3 Input/Output expansion IDS SQ-GPIO3

Up to three configurable I/O expansion options for your IDS system.

IDS SQ-NLM Noise level monitor IDS SQ-NLM

Networked noise level monitoring anywhere over your IDS system.


Network time synchronisation for your IDS installation or as a stand-alone NTP server.