IDS Lamps

Elegant, six-colour LED lamps controlled over your IDS network

Curved Lens
for 180°

Curved Lamp (green)

IDS Lamps can be positioned anywhere on your IDS network – desktops, studio walls or near doorways and entrances, providing an instant visual indication of broadcast status.

Curved Lamp (on air)

Key features
  • Windows ® configuration utility
  • Stand-alone USB setup
  • Assignable network configuation
  • PoE simplifies installation
  • 10/100 RJ45 Ethernet
  • Very low power consumption
  • CE marked for sale in the EU
  • 1 year warranty
Key benefits
  • Flexible lighting controlled over your IDS network
  • Configure bespoke lighting effects using IDS Core
  • Bright LEDs for multiple alerts and status warnings
  • Control lighting levels using IDS Content Manager
Technical specifications
  • Construction: Milled aluminium, moulded plastic
  • Dimensions: H × D (mm) Short table lamp: 230 × 125, Table lamp: 350 × 125, Wall lamp: 75 × 305
  • Weight: (g) Short table lamp: 550, Table lamp: 700, Wall lamp: 800
  • Connectors: Mini-USB, RJ45
  • Power supply: PoE 48V
  • Power consumption: 12W peak
  • Operating temperature: 0°C to +50°C
  • Approvals: CE

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Table lamps are manufactured using milled aluminium and opaque plastic, making them solid and attractive. The wall light is made from moulded plastic making it lightweight and suitable for hollow walls and partitions, while its curved lens provides 180° visibility making it ideal for corridors. All lamps connect to your network via Ethernet and, with PoE can be installed quickly and discreetly.

Management of the lamps is straightforward, using the Windows ® based configuration software supplied. They support DHCP for automatic acquisition of IP address, but can be configured manually for a static IP if rquired.


Use table lamps in studios and voice booths, attach wall lamps outside live areas. Available with single or dual bright LEDs. Lamps with dual LEDs let you assign simultaneous alerts to each lens, for example mic live and telephone ringing warnings or mic live and a flashing cue. Alternatively, both LEDs can signal the same alert.

Table Lamps
What is IDS?

IDS. The super cool intuitive and revolutionary workflow information solution. Originally designed as a simple clock and tally system for broadcasters, IDS harvests information from across wide area networks, aggregating it using a simple toolset, providing facilities with the power to display only the information you want, the way you want it. Boundless flexibility that lets you into a world of simple integration giving you access and total control of essential equipment at a touch by using an IDS touchscreen.

IDS is the cutting edge media technology solution and can be scaled to suit any installation, whether Industrial, Service, Broadcast, AV, Education, Defence, Medical or Corporate. Simplifying the complicated, putting the user in charge. IDS already brings groundbreaking solutions to a prestigious set of customers around the globe.