IDS Messenger

A highly intelligent messaging vehicle for distribution across your IDS network

messaging with total control

Key benefits

  • Web-based application for mobile devices
  • Manage and distribute key information
  • Configure distribution zones
  • Manage destination, duration and severity of messages
  • Set as templates or deliver on the fly
  • Fully customisable on screen message to any IDS display
  • Set users administration levels

IDS Messenger is a versatile, web-based application that IPE developed to manage the creation and delivery of messages that can be distributed to display devices situated anywhere over your IDS network.  Flexible and intuitive, you can access Messenger from any mobile or browser enabled device to deliver critical messages.

The Messenger application has the flexibility to fit into your operations with customisable levels of user and location settings all arranged in a convenient hierarchal display.  

Through IDS Messenger you can send a message for a defined duration to an individual screen, group of screens, defined location such as a floor in a building or even a whole building or group of buildings.

Developed with the user in mind, IDS Messenger scales as your requirements change.  Messages can be configured to run ticker tape style along the top or bottom of your screen and hide when the message has been delivered.

With a multitude of situations that allow IDS to effortlessly integrate with many facility operations, the user has instant control.

  • Live breaking news or information
  • Remote locations when comms are down
  • Critical information such as fire alarm test
  • Reminder alerts if a guest has arrived
  • Or send the football score to a colleague