IDS Scheduler

Instant control of digital content over your IDS network

Effortlessly integrate with a multitude of facility operations

Key benefits

  • Web-based application for mobile devices
  • Manage, schedule and distribute digital content
  • Configure distribution zones
  • Works seamlessly with other IDS web apps such as Content Manager and EMU3
  • Set users administration levels

Information is becoming increasingly complex. Live video streaming, media playback, branding, messaging, RSS feeds and social media integration are integral to today's demanding workflow.

IDS Scheduler allows you to create sequenced events for a channel.  Within channels the user can also create multiple time driven events for flexibility that suit their requirements.

IDS Scheduler is a versatile, web-based application that IPE developed to manage media schedules and globally distribute all digital content to display devices situated anywhere over your IDS network. 

With a multitude of situations that allow IDS to effortlessly integrate with many facility operations, the user has instant control.

  • Room booking
  • Remote bureau control
  • Digital signage
  • Lighting and 3rd party device control (blinds etc)
  • Timed studio events
  • Remote control of unmanned locations

Used in conjunction with an  IDS Touchscreen to distribute and control content, you can configure lighting effects with IDS Core and then use IDS Scheduler to control lighting levels around your network. Send URLs and text messages, all within timed parameters driven by you.