IDS Software

Create bespoke network systems to your custom designed configurations. Global.

IDS Core

At the heart of IDS is the configuration software IDS Core. A highly flexible and powerful tool designed to give users a complete versatile toolbox. Creating bespoke network systems using your own custom-designed configurations for display and control purposes in critical operations is at your fingertips.

Screen designs and back end logic can all be created and managed through IDS Core. Through the use of macros, complex functionality can be delivered in no time at all.

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IDS Content Manager

IDS Content Manager is a highly versatile web-based application developed by IPE to manage and distribute all digital content to display devices situated anywhere over the IDS network. With ease, you can ingest and deploy whatever content you want, exactly when you want it.

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IDS Web Interface

At the heart of all IDS web applications is an easy to navigate and intuitive user interface. Making it easy to navigate to all installed applications such as Content Manager, Messenger, Scheduler and all administration settings. The interface provides a centralised area to customise and build your applications to meet your requirements.

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IDS Messenger

IDS messenger enables users to send messages to any number of Remora media players or Touchscreens that are configured to receive them.

With an intuitive interface, the user can deliver messages from any browser supported computer. The flexibility of design allows for the customisation of messages to be delivered to a single or group of screens, one floor or complete building. To further enhance the experience, messages can be grouped, prioritised and duration defined.

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IDS Scheduler

The IDS Scheduler App simply allows a user to create sequenced events and schedule them to be delivered at a given point on a time line for a set duration.

Perfect for dynamic signage, branding or for a specific event. Through the suite of IDS applications, you can ingest and control your media, deliver exactly when you want and precisely how long you want it.

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