A Simple Touch of Genius from IPE.

No technology on Earth can touch it

Sorry, but the most exciting visual display solutions device in aeons is called IDS. Invented by us. IPE.

Being normal humans, maybe you don’t relate to a bunch of ‘techy’ acronyms.

So we are going to try harder in future.

Here goes then. Less geeky. More sexy.

The power IDS gives you to be at the centre of your production all at once is ‘awesome man’.

How Cool is That

News Displays

The synchronisation of modular elements managed by one central touch screen control is ‘freaky’ if not ‘mind blowing.’

And the facility to simultaneously deploy to any number of IDS devices over an IP backbone link from anywhere to anywhere else is ‘far out dude’.

IDS. The unsung name behind the scenes but ahead of the game.

‘How cool is that.’ Yeh!

Get in front with IDS behind the scenes.

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