Across the Board Implementation of IPE's Cutting Edge Technology

Dock10 Technical Operations Manager Darren Jones

“We continually evaluate equipment and infrastructure as part of an ongoing tech refresh program to stay at the cutting edge of technology, and all of the technology under consideration was tested against market competitors in a ‘shoot-out’. The IPE PDU won out and is now a central component of a robust technology hub in MediaCityUK, enabling us to provide the resilience that our clients expect.”

Channel 4 News Programme Director Martin Collett

“With IDS we have gained additional function on our previous production timer. Various elements within our bulletins had typically required certain details to be manually entered for each, but the IDS production timer calculates and enters those details for us automatically.”

MTA International Production’s Jahangir Shah

“With IDS, we can create pre-sets for all shows and trigger them from a simple IDS touchscreen, which enables any user to instantly set up the studio for the programme. That means that tedious tasks like switching on TVs, set lights, studio lights, and playing the correct graphics on the TVs can happen with a press of a button.  This saves a lot of time, which production team can use to plan and rehearse.”

Southampton Solent University Specialist Facilities Team Leader and Technical Instructor Jon Wills

“Although we found a variety of noise monitoring products, they were all very expensive and highly location-based, which meant that all monitoring and logging was self-contained and location-centred. We wanted something that would only require a discreetly placed microphone in each studio that could then be networked, which is one of the things that appealed to us when we first discovered IPE’s IDS system, which offers a noise monitoring function that is totally remote.

“IDS ticks a lot of boxes for us, but its flexibility enables us to add further functions to the system, which we have pretty much plugged straight into our existing network.”

TV2 senior lead engineer Alf-Inge Tønder

“Most display systems are not designed for broadcast applications and required multiple elements to be entered manually for each display, which is time consuming and tedious for modern broadcast operations. “IDS is being used in conjunction with TV2’s booking system and GPIO interface units, linked to a Lawo Virtual Studio Manager (VSM).”

Dave Armstrong, the Director of broadcast and technology for ARN

“Flexibility has become one of the key things I look for in a product. I’m looking for objects that don’t limit our business or tie us down to just one manufacturer or system for many years to come.”